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EDERY MANAGEMENT is a team that creates a dynamic art space. Working hard so young Ukrainian musicians have the opportunity of professional development and creative self-realization in Ukraine.

So that those Ukrainian musicians who succeeded internationally could also get recognition and share their achievements back home.

Whilst listeners explore classical music, learn to listen to understand and get a truly unique experience, which transforms their life, fullfills it with new meanings.

We strive to make classic and modern academic music to sound at full strength and feel like home.

EDERY MANAGEMENT – provides professional services to help soloists and concert groups to achieve success.

We work together with you, develop an effective promotion strategy. Collaborate effectively, to allow you to devote yourself exclusively to music.
We organize your concert schedule, manage contracts, plan your entire concert season. Manage tours logistics and performances: hotels, transfers, flights etc. So everything could run smoothly between partners and provide you with full information.
We help to set up your Facebook page, take care of your YouTube channel and websites. We prepare your Internet promotion, advise and accompany you on the path of creating an image and consolidate success.
WE CAN CREATE FOR YOU an individually tailored design solution!

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