Chamber Ensemble the Nota Bene Chamber Group. Masterpieces of Ukrainian music of the 70-90s.

I am happy that I can finally talk about the victory of the team! “Friends of Music” – my yet another long-awaited project won from powerful candidates to the Grant 2020 of the Ukrainian Cultural Fund! And I want to introduce it – “The Chamber Ensemble of Nota Bene Chamber Group. Masterpieces of Ukrainian music of the 70-90s.”
In June-August 2020, we are working hard on it, and at the end of August we will present the publication of an art book with two CDs, with music performed by NB Chamber Group.
The project presents the works of thirteen famous Ukrainian composers V. Silvestrov, A. Kiva, Y. Gubanov, V. Polevaya, L. Grabovsky, A. Schetinsky, V. Godzyatsky, A. Grinberg, V. Baley, V. Runchak, I. Karabits, V. Bibik, E. Stankovich to the performed by new generation musicians, Laureates of international and All-Ukrainian competitions G. Lopatinsky, A. Pavlov, A. Poludenny, Yu. Nemirovsky, M. Grinchenko, I. Gritsishin and Guest soloist Inna Galatenko.
The ideological inspirer and compiler of the collection is the outstanding Ukrainian composer, Laureate of Prize named by Shevchenko Victoria Polevaya.
The project manager is the manager of Nota Bene Chamber Group and the founder of NGO “Friends of Music” Elena Perederii. The Project Manager – Daria Sipigina (S. T. ART Foundation). The producer of the project is the founder of S.T. ART Foundation Tatyana Shved (Bezkoravaina).
The final stage of the project is an online presentation will be held with the participation of composers participating in the project.
The project is implemented with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Fund. More information about this project can read on the chapter “PROJECTS”.

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