TOP popular concert programs 

Vienna from Time of Beethoven

Franz Schubert. Symphony in B Minor (Unfinished)

Ludwig van Beethoven – Gustav Mahler. String Quartet No. 11 in F Minor

Antonio Salieri. Symphony in D Major for chamber orchestra 

Romanticism and Post-Romanticism

Pyotr Tchaikovsky. Recollections of Florence

Richard Strauss. Metamorphoses

The 20th Century Classics

Dmitrii Shostakovich. Chamber Symphony (String Quartet No. 8 in C Minor, arrangement by Rudolf Barshai), opus 110, Prelude and Scherzo, opus 11

Sergii Prokofiev. Visions Fugitives, opus 22

Aram Khachaturian. Two Pieces for String Quartet, Saber Dance from Gayane 

 World Leaders of the 21st Century

Yevhen Stankovych. Chamber Symphony No 3

Valentin Silvestrov. Elegy for string orchestra 

Valentin Silvestrov. Silent Music

Giya Kancheli. Nightfall

Giya Kancheli. Largo and Allegro

Krzysztof Penderecki. Seven Gates of Jerusalem, sinfonietta

The Four Seasons

Antonio Vivaldi. The Four Seasons

Astor Piazzolla. The Four Seasons in Buenos Aires

The Messengers

Valentin Silvestrov 

Elegy (Valentin Silvestrov … Igor Karabitz) for string orchestra, 

Silent Music for chamber ensemble,

 Farewell Serenade for string orchestra, dedication to Igor Karabitz, 

The Messenger-1996 for strings and synthesizer or piano, soft pedal, 

Two Dialogues with Postface for string orchestra and piano, 

Four Postludes for strings and piano, 

Hymn – 2001 for string orchestra, dedication to Giya Kancheli,

Two Serenades, cycle of three pieces for violin and piano, 

Serenade for string orchestra 

 Beethoven and His Vienna 

Antonio Salieri. Symphony in D Major La Veneziana for chamber orchestra 

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Adagio and Fugue in C Minor

Franz Schubert. Rondo in A Major for violin and string orchestra, D 438

Ludwig van Beethoven. String Quartet No. 11 in F Minor, opus 95

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Symphony No. 29 in A Major for chamber orchestra, KV.201

Niccolo Paganini 

“Paganini must put his talent as a composer above his genius of performer”. Robert Schumann

Cantabile & Valse, 

I Palpiti 

Concerto No. 2 in B Minor for violin and orchestra Caprices No. 23 and 24, 

Variations on the Witches Dance, 

Concerto No. 4 in D Minor for violin and orchestra 

 Love and Death. Mozart and Salieri

Antonio Salieri. Symphony in D Major La Veneziana for chamber orchestra

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Symphony No. 40 in G Minor, К.550 

Antonio Salieri – Symphony in D Major Il Giorno onomastico (Name Day)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Symphony No. 29 in A Major for chamber orchestra, KV.201. Author of idea and conductor: Bohodar Kotorovych

Composers of 20 centuries: Ukraine-Poland

Kshishtov Penderetsky “Agnus Dei”,  “De profundis”,  Sinfonietta

Evhen Stankovych “Morning music”  for violin and string orchestra

Viktoriya Polevaia  “No man is an island” for mezzo, women’s choir, fortepiano, string instruments

Yuriy Laniuk “The Annunciation” for violin, chamber choir and string orchestra. 

Vitaliy Hubarenko  “Canto ricordo” for violin, chamber choir and string instruments

Other popular concert programs of Kyiv Mozart Orchestra

Y. Laniuk  Camber music for the strings, piano, harpsichord and the drums

A. Havrylets Choral for the strings

Y. Stankovych Chamber  Symphony  # 3 for violin and the orchestra

R. Strauss“ Metamorphosen” for the strings

M. Skoryk Concert # 3 for piano, large drum and string orchestra ,

“Spanish Dance” from “The Stone Lord”  drama by Lesia Ukrainka


Ludwig van Beethoven

Symphony № 1 in C, op.21

Concerto for piano and orchestra #3, op.37

Symphony number 2 in D, op. 36


G. Bottesini  Duo Concertante for Violin and Bass 

G.F.Handel  “Passacaglia” of Suite # 7 g moll (on theme of Y.Halvorsen for  violin & viola  solo)

J.S.Bah  Brandenburgsky concerts #  6 B dur, BWV 1051  

P.I.Tchaikovsky “Waltz-scherzo” C dur, ор.34 for violin & strings

I.Stravinsky  “Russian Song” from the opera “Mavra” for cello & strings

N.Paganini  “Venice Carnival”, op. 10 

W. A.Mozart  Sinfonia Concertante for Violin, Viola and Orchestra in Es dur

Jan Benda “Grave” for alto and string

L.Kolodub  “Sketch in the Moldavian style ” for solo violin & strings

H.Wieniawski Polonaise in D dur, op.4 for violin & strings

F.Vacsman “Carmen” imagination on themes from Z.Bize’s “Carmen’s” opera for violin and string

E. Elgar  Introduce & Allegro for strings (string’s quartet & orchestra), оp. 47


W. A.Mozart    Divertissement D dur for violin, string and 2 French horns, КV.334

                         Sinfonia Concertante for Violin, Viola and Orchestra in Es dur, KV.364

F. Schubert    Sonata  Arpegione & string a moll,  D.821 

N. Paganini   Venice Carnival, op.10, arranged for viola and strings M. Kugel


W.A.Mozart Fantasy in F minor K.608, String perekladennya Є. Stankovic

Concerto for Violin and Orchestra is number 3 in G dur, K.216(775)

І.Stravіnsky Music to theballet “Apollo” 

                     Concerto in D for Strings 


G.Mahler – Adagio from Symphony # 10 in Fis (“Unfinished”)

J.Haydn – Concerto for cello and orchestra № 1 in C

F.Mendelssohn – Symphony for string orchestra # 10 in b 

R.Strauss – “Metamorphosis” for string orchestra


G. Rossini – Sonata for Strings # 3 in C

N. Paganini – Violin Concerto # 2 in b, op.7

N. Paganini – Violin Concerto # 5 in a

N. Paganini – Violin Concerto # 4  in d


G.F.Handel – “Passacaglia”

                    – Concherto Grosso # 10 in d

                    – Concherto Grosso # 12 in b

J.S.Bach – Concerto for violin, oboe and orchestra in d, BWV 1060

              – Concerto for two violins and orchestra in d, BWV 1043

              – “Aria” from Orchestral suite # 3 in D 


W.A. Mozart –  Adagio and Fugue in c, K. 546

M. Bruch – Serenade for Strings

E.U.Elhar – Serenade for Strings, op.20

F.Mendelssohn – Symphony #11 for string orchestra in f


G.F Handel – Koncherto Grosso # 5 in D , op.6 / HWV 319-330

B.Britten – Simple Symphony

Dm.Shostakovych – Symphony #14 for soprano, bass and chamber orchestra, op.135


I. Stravinsky – Divertimento from the ballet “Fairy Kiss” for violin and piano.

I.Karabyts – Concert Divertimento for two violins, viola, cello, double bass and piano

I.Stravinsky –  Concerto in D for strings

I. Karabyts- Concert triptych for strings


F. Mendelssohn – Symphony #10 for string orchestra in b

 Ludwig van Beethoven – Concerto for piano and orchestra #3, op.37

                                     – Symphony #2 in D , op. 36


G.F.Handel – Introduction to the opera “Solomon” 

F. Mendelssohn – Symphony #12 in G for string orchestra

G.Volf – “Italian Serenade” in G  for string quartet

W.A.Mozart – Musical joke “Rural Symphony” in C, K.522


A.Salieri – Symphony in D  “VENEZIANA” for strings

                 – Symphony in D  «GIORNO ONOMASTICO» for chamber orchestra


G. Mahler – “Adazhiyetto” for strings and harp in the Symphony #5

M. Ravel – “Introduction and Allegro” for harp and strings

A.Shenberh – “Night enlightened” op.4, 

                     – Nocturne for strings


Mysteries of Ancient Folios

Concerto No. 1

Wilhelm Friedemann Bach. Sonata No. 1 for two solo violins

Giuseppe Tartini. Concerto No. 1 for violin and string orchestra

Giuseppe Tartini. Concerto No. 2 for violin and string orchestra

Ignacio Mara. Concerto for viola and string orchestra 

Tomaso Albinoni. Baletti

Concerto No. 2

Jean Loeffler. Concerto for solo viola and flute with string orchestra 

Carl Friedemann Emmanuel Bach. Concerto for organ and string orchestra

George Frideric Händel. Concertos No. 10 and 12 from the Twelve Concertos for String Orchestra 

Concerto No. 3

Pietro Locatelli. Concerto grosso in F Minor, opus 1 (1721)

Pietro Locatelli. Concerto grosso in C Minor, opus 1, No. 6

George Frideric Händel. Concerto No. 11 in G Major from the Twelve Concertos for String Orchestra

Jan Benda. Grawe for viola and strings

Georg Philipp Telemann. Concerto in G Major for viola and string orchestra

Johann Sebastian Bach. Aria from the St. Matthew Passion (1727 or 1729)

Johann Sebastian Bach. Brandenburg Concerto No 3 in G Major, BWV 1048

The Programms of chamber group of “Kyiv Mozart Orchestra”


Olga Sheleshkova (vioin), Pavel Hmara (violin), Andrii Makii (viola),

Sergii Kozakov (cello) and guest soloists

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: 

Piano Quartet No. 1 / KV 478

Clarinet Quintet in A, K. 581

Clarinet trio “Kegelstatt”. KV 498.  

String Quartet No. 2     

Divertimento for String Trio in E-Flat Major K. 563

Franz Schubert: 

String Quintet in C-Major, D 956

“Trout” Quintet 

String Quartet No. 14 “Death and The Maiden”

Felix Mendelssohn  – Piano Trio No.1, op.49 in D-minor

Sergii Rachmaninoff – Trio élégiaque No. 1 in G-minor

Dmytro Shostakovich – String Quartet No. 8 in C minor Op. 110

Johannes Brahms:

Clarinet Quintet in B- minor, Op. 115

String Sextet No. 2 in G-Major op. 36

Ludwig van Beethoven –  String Quartet  No. 11in F-minor Op.95