Roman Lopatinsky take part to the International Competition by A.Rubinshtein.

Good news! Pianist Roman Lopatinsky was selected by the competition jury of the XXVI Arthur Rubinstein International Piano Competition to participate in the competition, Competiion will be held in May this year in Tel Aviv.
We wish Roman inspiration, discipline, health and a properly tuned instrument that will always be there.

In total, the names of 39 participants are announced. The largest number of contestants will come from Asian countries (15 musicians from China, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea), followed by Eastern European countries (10 participants from Russia, Ukraine, Slovenia, Poland), 7 participants from Western Europe, 3 from Israel, 2 from Georgia and 2 from the USA. The youngest contestant is 18 years old, the oldest is 31 years old.

It is especially worth noting that among the participants of the current competition there are two young pianists who were formerly members of the “youth jury” of the 2017 competition: Israeli Moti Fang-Bentov and David Khrikuli from Georgia.

In the first two rounds, the contestants play solo programs, and then, in the three-stage finale, perform with the chamber orchestra and perform two concerts – classical and romantic / modern with a symphony orchestra.

At one time, the Winners of the first prizes of the competition were Ukrainian musicians – Igor Chetuev (1998) and Anthony Baryshevsky (2014).

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