Alina Bashkina

Alina Bashkina – rising star of Ukrainian pop music, semi-finalist of the project “Voice of the Country”, Honored Artist of Ukraine.

     She opened the Vienna Ball in Kiev, spectators applauded her in Italy, Spain, Libya, Poland, Bulgaria, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Armenia, Kazakhstan and other countries.

       Alina is a multifaceted artist. It combines fire and romance. Refined and feminine – she touches to the depths of her soul with her sincere performance. Bright and driving – she lights on stage with musicians and ballet.

           The repertoire includes original songs, world hits in dance and lounge treatments (pop, rock, dance, jazz, hits 80-90s), retro and folklore, romances. Thematic programs “Christmas story”, “Under the sky of Paris”, “The story of one love”, “Crazy in love” will become the highlight of the event and immerse the listener in a unique atmosphere. Alina performs songs in 12 languages! This can be a pleasant gift for foreign guests at the holiday.

        On the project “Voice of the Country”, she became the embodiment of femininity and sincerity. The songs “Obyimy” by Svyatoslav Vakarchuk and the Ukrainian folk “Behind the Zozulechka” conquered millions of Ukrainians.

           After the project, Alina began her solo career. Dance tracks “Vilna” and “Kohayu” in rotation on all music channels and many radio stations in Ukraine.

                 Alina is a guest soloist of the Honored Academic Song and Dance Ensemble of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Brass Band, Orchestra of Kiev “Lords of the Sound”. They are together have concert tours through Ukraine`s cities.

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