Simphony orchestra INSO-Lviv

“Article of Ukrainian cultural export – INSO-Lviv orchestra – Oleksiy Kogan, Ukrainian jazzman, radio journalist, TV presenter, producer and art director of the Jazz in Kyiv center, creative curator of Leopolis Jazz Fest.

“… an orchestra of young, motivated and curious musicians …” – Liza Batiashvili, violinist.

“The enthusiasm, dedication and professional approach of the musicians amazed me,” – Sir Dirk Brosse, conductor, composer.

“… The INSO-Lviv Orchestra has something special: it combines high professional ethics and youth spirit!” – Alexander Zemtsov, violist, conductor.

INSO-Lviv (International Symphony Orchestra) is one of the best exponents of the fact that the Ukrainian cultural product is worthy of world recognition and this is tirelessly evidenced by its cooperation with world famous musicians and conductors. The quality of music and high craftsmanship are the determining factors and, finally, give flexibility in the choice of repertoire: from classical to jazz, from opera to musicals and popular music. This attracts world-famous soloists who have successfully performed in the INSO-Lviv concert programs, as well as conductors with whom the orchestra has fruitful and successful cooperation.

“INSO-Lviv” is one of those orchestras that tour widely abroad and decorate the stages not only in Europe, but also in China, Colombia and Egypt. From year to year he plays the honorary role of the base orchestra at international festivals, ceremonial events and competitions. In addition, the orchestra’s CDs have received Radio Swiss Classic awards. In 2017, the orchestra began a fruitful collaboration with the British label Toccata Classics. The disc, entitled Paganini by Arrangement, was released in the fall of 2018 and immediately hit the Records Review BBC Radio 3 rating.

For this academic symphony orchestra, frameworks and roles are closely familiar. First of all, it is the orchestra that retransmits the idea of ​​the world. In his projects he implements the key mission – cultural diplomacy – thanks to the unifying power of music. “INSO-Lviv” initiated and held a number of events dedicated to the idea of ​​peace and equality, in particular, the all-Ukrainian cultural action “Joint Air”, which brought together the leading orchestras of Ukraine, simultaneously performing “Ode to Joy” by Ludwig van Beethoven at the largest airports in Ukraine (Kiev), Odessa, Donetsk, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Lvov) and a large-scale musical event “BAM Marathon – Ready. Steady BACH! ” Musical projects of the orchestra under the slogan “Classics for Peace” are consistent and annual.

“INSO-Lviv” is a bright, artistic palette of lightning-fast, current and deep emotions that musicians share with their listeners, embodying at the same time a creative, cultural, diplomatic and educational mission.

In 2020, the world-renowned Ukrainian violinist Valeriy Sokolov became the artistic director of the orchestra.

The orchestra connects with the agency cooperation in the international project “GENESIS” in 2021.